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drum room audio from chemical x
vocal audio from the human fund

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"recording at the psych shack is cool" -corey farnsworth
         Recording at the Psych Shack is a fun and stimulating experience with professional studio results. We cater to your project vision, whether that be recording a full live band, tracking 237 layers of ambient noise, or just adding vocals onto a beat.

         Located in our offices above our world-famous outdoor stage, the Psych Studio features a live room large enough for a full band as well as a designated isolation room.

        Booking the Psych Studio is a flat hourly fee. Our engineers can provide you either with your session stems or a full mix and master.
Our Equipment:
Neumann U87
Royer R-10 Ribbon
Blue Bluebird SL (pair)
Shure SM57s
Sennheiser e835

Rack and Boards:
Zoom Livetrak-20
UA LA-610 Mk II
Scarlett and UA interfaces

Various Fender and Vox amplifiers
Midi Keyboards
Pearl and Mapex drum shells
Various Zildjian cymbals

Our Engineers:

Engineer: Connor Simpson

Chief Engineer: Joe Lemieux

Engineer: Austin Hainey